Welcome! I’m Jackie Glenn, VP, Global Chief Diversity Officer with EMC Corporation. I have over 20 years of expertise in Diversity & Inclusion, Talent Management, Leadership & Development, Relationship Management, Career Coaching and Organizational Development.

Over the course of my career, I have built and designed strategic global HR programs for several Fortune 500 and 100 companies across the US, EMEA, APJ and Latin America. My passion is Diversity & Inclusion and I am continuously seeking ways to create game-changing solutions for the STEM industry.

In my time at EMC, I have led the design and implementation of many cutting-edge HR programs. Constructed an innovative D&I curriculum, expanded our Employee Circles from four to 33, started a high potential women’s leadership program, vaulting women leaders to the upper echelons of the company and giving seed to our popular mentoring program, and introduced a groundbreaking Transgender Reassignment Program that has been wholly embraced by the company.

I have been fortunate to have held leadership roles on external diversity councils, served on a number of boards, sat on a number of panels and won numerous awards over the course of my career. I’m continually thinking beyond best practice to next practice. Join me as we discuss a variety of topics on D&I!

The opinions expressed here are my personal opinions. Content published here is not read or approved in advance by EMC and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of EMC nor does it constitute any official communication of EMC.

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